HSC Csikszereda- Saryarka Karaganda

   The toughest game for HSC is today, against the Kazahstani team Saryarka Karaganda, who absolutely crushed Dab.Docler yesterday with 7-0.
    It’s obvious that the two teams are not on the same level, but as they say, hope dies last. I am going to write the score here, and if you like, you can click on the result for live score.
Read on the post, for Saryarka’s roster if you are interested

 20 Aleksei Petrov New!
 39 Alexei Sememenov New! – Lada Togliatti

 4 Andrei Kiselev New!
 5 Nikolai Ignatov New! – Molot-Prikamie Perm
 9 Dmitri Kokorev New! – Molot-Prikamie Perm
 23 Pavel Duma
 38 Mikhail Donika New! – Gazovnik Tyumen
 75 Sergei Yakovenko New! – Mechel Chelyabinsk

 8 Nikita Smirnov
10 Anton Dubinin New! 
17 Vladimir Ivantsov
 28 Maxim Orlov New! – Crystal Saratov
 21 Sergei Elizarov New! – Zauralie Kurgan
 55 Andrei Trochshinsky New! – Gazovnik Tyumen
 35 Evgeni Isakov New! – Dizel Penza
 36 Sergei Shikhanov
 37 Denis Ivanov New! 
 63 Oleg Yeremeyev
 25 Eldar Nazhmutdinov
 19 Roman Kuznetsov New! – Izhstal Izhevsk
 15 Rustam Yessirkenov
 42 Ramil Saifullin

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(Mol Liga, Day 20) Mol Liga and Continental Cup

   Today it’s a somewhat special day, as they were Mol Liga matches and also Continental Cup matches where HSC and Dab.Docler are interested. Below are some results, click on the result to read the course of the game. After the break, there are also todays Mol Liga results!
As soon as I find something about HSC’s game (photos or a review), surely I will post it. Until then only the results…

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Continental Cup: What to expect

  As I already told you, HSC traveled to Slovenia for the second preliminary round of the Continental Cup, hockey’s Champions League. Read on for more informations, useful links and some predictions!

   This blog is focused more on Mol Liga, but I thought it would be nice if I would write about this also. After all, the description says “Everything about HSC Csikszereda…” 🙂
   So Continental Cup, second preliminary round, group C. These are the things to know in the beginning. There are more groups, and if HSC manages to win this group than I will talk about the other groups or teams also. Until then let’s stick to Group C:
  There are four teams in the group, two of which we already know very well:
   You see, Dab.Docler and HSC Csikszereda doesn’t require an introduction, both teams are from MOL Liga and by now you should know quite a lot about them.
    The other two teams are: SC Saryarka Karaganda from Kazahstan and HDK Stavbar Maribor from Slovenia. By clicking their name, their official website should come up. The schedule of the tournament looks like this:
Friday, October 22, 2010:
15:30–>IHC Sary-Arka Karaganda- Dab.Docler
19:00–>HDK Maribor- HSC Csikszereda

Saturday, October 23, 2010:
15:30–>HSC Csikszereda– IHC Sary-Arka Karaganda
19:00–>Dab.Docler- HDK Maribor
Sunday, October 24, 2010:
15:30–>Dab.Docler- HSC Csikszereda
19:00–>HDK Maribor- IHC Sary-Arka Karaganda
    Slovenia is behind Romania concerning the time, so you have to add one hour. For example HSC’s first match starts at 20:00 if you live in Romania.
    Now it’s time for my predictions/opinion:
I don’t have informations about the two “new” teams, but as I read on other blogs it seems that HDK Maribor should be on the same level as HSC Csikszereda or Dab.Docler or even a little bit weaker. Kazahstan is an ex-soviet country, so Saryarka Karaganda is definitely the favorite in my opinion.
A realistic expectation from HSC would be a second place (only the first goes on in the tournament), but who knows…
As I don’t know much about the Slovenian and the Kazahstani team I can’t really say what will happen. Anyway, my guess about the final standings is:
 1. Saryarka Karaganda
 2. HSC Csikszereda
 3. Dab.Docler
 4. HDK Maribor
    Somebody made a very useful website for this Group C, and as I read on other blogs, on this site possibly they are going to make live scores, and more. This website is: www.2011cc.si .
   If you have any comments about the teams or how the group will end up, feel free to comment. 
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Fan of the week! :)

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(Mol Liga, Day 19) Only results today

Click on the results for the text coverage
  Mol Liga results later:

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Video: HSC-FTC (Novak the showman:) )

  There is a video up on Szekelyhon.ro about yesterday’s match (HSC-FTC). You might ask why do I make an extra post for this video if I already put the link in the match review? The answer is simple: Novak is known for his funny goal celebrations, and take a look after HSC’s 3rd goal (Hurtaj) and 5th goal (Novak). Novak’s goal celebration is very funny. Enjoy!
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Player statistics after 16 games!

    Half of the regular season is behind us, so I thought I would post the player statistics from HSC. Also tomorrow HSC will play against Progym Gheorgheni in LNH. Progym played in the first season of Mol Liga and they finished in 8th place out of 10. 
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